Cam Munster: Match day preparation

Cam Munster: Match day preparation

Cam Munster: Match day preparation


In his second year as a professional, Melbourne Storm youngster Cam Munster has found himself adapting to life off the field as he looks to improve his game. Part of this includes his match day preparation, something that Munster admits he has become much more conscientious of.

“I never used to be superstitious,” Munster joked, “but since I’ve joined the club, I’ve tried to keep the same routine every week to try and minimise any inconsistencies in my game.”

Part of this consistency includes a wholesome eating plan on game day.

“I find I have a bit of eggs Benedict [game day] morning with some bacon and avocado,” he said.

”At around two or three, I go and have a footlong Subway up on Bridge Road before every home game, then I grab a Boost [juice] before I head to the ground.”

But it’s not just food that Munster is consistent with on game day, there’s also a major component in his match day preparation on a mental level.

“On my way to the ground and in the lead up, I listen to a bit of music on my Beats by Dre headphones, a bit of R & B,” he said.

The zippy fullback made a shocking revelation about what music was fuelling his performances on the field this year.

“I’m actually a bit of a Belieber at the moment,” he admitted, “Justin Bieber has pulled some great songs out the last few months, so yeah, I’m a bit of a Belieber!”