Nathan Jones: Me and my boots

Nathan Jones: Me and my boots

Nathan Jones: Me and my boots


Picking the right pair of boots is a challenge at the best of times.

Inside Sport spoke to Melbourne Football Club Captain, Nathan Jones, to see the thought process of a professional athlete.

What’s do you look for in a pair of boots?
As a midfielder, it’s important I have boots that support me throughout the entire game. When I’m creating opportunities for our forwards and trying to bring other players into the game, they
[the boots] need to support quick movements, explosive speed from stoppages and change of direction. Above everything, I look for boots which are durable, supportive and lightweight.

Any tips on finding the right pair?
When looking for your boots, make sure you get a pair that are comfortable and can support your feet throughout the game. Ultimately, you also want to like the look of the boot you are wearing.

How many boots would you have on a match day?
Depending on the weather, I might take two pairs. I will generally play in the moulded New Balance Visaro’s.

Have you ever had boots made specifically for your foot type?
Not specifically for me, although I have worked with New Balance on the technology involved in making the perfect boot, and I have been able to provide ongoing feedback.

Do you still own any boots from special games of your career?
I had a couple of pairs of boots painted for Indigenous Round last season by an Aboriginal Artist. I wore one pair in the game and have the other to keep as momento. They look unreal!

What’s the best boot you have ever worn?
I have been a New Balance athlete for the past two seasons, and I would have to say their latest Visaro’s, which I started wearing in Round nine, really are the best I have played in yet for both support and technology, as well as visually the bright colours look great.