4 Ways to be a better basketball player

4 Ways to be a better basketball player


4 Ways to be a better basketball player


Basketball techniques to refine your game-play

Being at the top of your game takes dedication and hard work, but by applying these methods to your basketball game, perhaps you can take your game to the next level and fast track your way to going pro.

Refine the skills required for your position
Focus on the skills specific to the basketball position you normally play on the court. For example, Centres should concentrate more on rebounding and post drills, rather than dribbling the full length of the court. A good point guard should have an eclectic mix of skills and good hand/eye coordination for free throw shooting.

Understand your role on the basketball court
Everyone wants to be the key player on the court, the one the crowd cheers on, but understanding your position and sticking to pre-game strategies and teamwork is just as important as star athletic prowess.Give it your all

Give training 100 percent
Big names in the national basketball teams didn’t achieve greatness without putting in 100 percent to their training, their team and on the court. Train hard, play hard, practise your skills at every opportunity, use criticism constructively and if at first you don’t succeed, try again.

Train your body
Use functional training exercises focusing on refining your natural athletic ability, reactions, foot work and agility to enhance your game-play and overall performance.

When all these four techniques are put into play, your ball-handling skills and fitness on the court will make a noticeable difference.