Netball: How to be a better goal shoot?

Netball: How to be a better goal shoot?


Netball: How to be a better goal shoot?


When the pressure is on and your entire team are counting on you to make that final shot before the whistle, it’s important to have your head in the game. Being able to keep your nerves in check, tune out the noise from spectators and concentrate on the task at hand will certainly help, but being a better GS comes down to your technique and skill.

Attend every practice
Not only should you attend every netball practice, you need to turn up early. Arrive a good 45 minutes before the rest of your team and spend that time shooting. Practice makes perfect.

Concentrate on your form
When you are shooting, the netball should be above your head. Your wrists and elbows should be aimed directly at the goal. Rest the netball on the top of your fingers, on your dominant hand (the hand to use to shoot). Drive from your knees to power the ball (this will give you better balance) and throw the ball in an upwards direction.

Practice every day
Even if your team hasn’t got a scheduled practice, set aside 45 minutes every day to practice goal shooting.

Good supportive netball shoes
Knee and ankle injuries are fairly common for netballers. This is why you need a good pair of supportive footwear that absorb the impact when running, jumping and needing to stop quickly. Australian Diamond goal shooter, Caitlin Bassett, prefers a shoe that’s a little lighter than a court shoe, but sturdier than a runner.

Pounce on bounce backs
If you miss the first attempt, take the opportunity to pounce on the rebounds for a second shot.

Dodge the defenders
Use the fake shooting manoeuvre to trick the defence into thinking you’re about to shoot.

Typically the GD and GK will be up in your face trying to distract you. Fake a shot, and once the lunge in the direction they think you’re going to shoot, pull the switch!