Fast track your fitness for ski season

Fast track your fitness for ski season


Fast track your fitness for ski season


Are you ski fit?

It’s time to put down the remote control and get ready for ski season. Ensure you’re not the one left sitting in the mountain café nursing a hot chocolate and injuries, while the rest of your friends are on the hunt for perfect powder. By getting in shape before you hit the snowy slopes, you can reduce the risk of being left to watch all the action from the sidelines.

Any good workout to prepare you for snow season will focus on your overall fitness, balance, mobility and toning.

Ski jumping squats
Jumping squats are a great way to work on your style and tone the leg muscles used when skiing. Assume the squat position, keep your weight in your heels and with a little bounce for forward momentum, burst into a jump. Remember to stay in the tucked position while mid-air and your knees back behind your toes.

The twist
Sit down, lift both feet of the ground a couple of inches, keep your back straight and your arms out in front of you at a 90 degree angle, then twist from side to side (a bit like an old washing machine agitator) as far as you can without losing balance. This exercise focuses on strengthening your core.

Tricep dips
No one really enjoys tricep dips, but you can do them at home on a dining room chair, in front of the TV while catching up on the latest episode of Neighbours.

Agility dot drills
Mark out the corners of a square with four colourful dotty stickers, then using the dots as markers, jump as quickly as you can from side to side. Try to be precise and land exactly where you have placed the dots. This exercise concentrates on footwork, cardio, coordination and agility. To make things up a notch, try just using one foot to hop from side to side.

High knee lifts
Get those knees up as high as possible and step from side to side – like you’re having to lift your legs high to step out of sinking sand.  It helps strengthen hip flexors, which help you to bend over when you have to carry all your heavy gear down the mountain and all those daily activities you don’t really give much thought too, like walking, stepping up and over things, running, jumping etc.

Try to combine these types of exercises into your daily routine, at least 30 minutes a day.

Now your fitness regime is under control, then comes the big question in life – What will you wear?