How to choose a beginner surfboard

How to choose a beginner surfboard


How to choose a beginner surfboard


Everybody’s surfin’ and you want to learn to, but before you can paddle out the back to hang loose, you need a surfboard. Buying your first board is a really big deal, and can be the difference between carving it up like the big kahuna you were born to be or quitting after multiple wipeouts.

As a beginner, a foam surfboard – a ‘foamie’ – is the best board to cut your teeth on.
The benefits of a foam board are:

  • Easier to manoeuvre in the water and catch waves
  • Less likely to sustain serious injury or knock yourself out when you fall off.
  • They provide stability, perfect when attempting to learn to stand and balance
  • Lightweight to carry to and from the beach.
  • An affordable option if you only surf when you’re on annual summer holiday or have kids who want to learn. Foam boards don’t have the longevity you’re looking for if you are planning to surf every day.

Pop-out surfboards are a cheap alternative to buying custom-made and their outer fibreglass coating makes them exceptionally robust. The fibreglass component makes for a weighty board, providing a stable surface to balance on for the beginner. The downside is, if you get hit by the board it is going to hurt – a lot.

Before you purchase a surfboard, make sure it fits in your car or you have roof racks to transport it and that it fits under your arm, so you don’t have to wrestle it to the beach.

Don’t forget to make sure you have a leg rope the same length as your board, this will save you from losing your board when you fall off. You’ll also need surf wax.

It may pay to take a couple of surf lessons so you are aware of surfing etiquette before you paddle out to the break.

Once you’re ready to carve up the waves, check out some of the best Aussie surf beaches.