Ironwoman Harriet Brown: On training

Ironwoman Harriet Brown: On training

Ironwoman Harriet Brown: On training


You’d do well to track down a more fierce competitor, or downright fitter athlete for that matter than Victorian powerhouse Harriet Brown.

The 26-year-old has enjoyed an ultra-successful time of late, having won last year’s World Surf Ironwoman title. This past February she was also crowned Nutri-Grain Ironwoman champion after taking out the event at Cronulla in Sydney.

Inside Sport recently had the pleasure of catching up with Brown; we were keen to learn about her heavy training load and how it relates specifically to her competition.

“Competition-wise, our races vary in length from a five-minute race, which could just be a short board race, to a 55-minute Ironwoman series-type race.

“Swimming training is probably where I get my base fitness from. I swim four mornings a week for two hours at a time. In the afternoons I’ll go to the beach and do a craft session on either the board or ski. Sometimes I’ll go to a river if I’m needing some flat, hard training on the water.

“I’ll do gym a couple of times a week and we also have running sessions incorporated within all that. I do Pilates as well.

“Then we do two Ironwoman sessions per week, where we do everything together. So it’s a lot of training, but because there are so many different aspects to Ironwoman events, it keeps it interesting.

“You have to be generally fit: you have to be able to run, but you also need power; if you’re not very strong, it’s hard to get through a massive wave that’s coming at you.”