2017 Wellness trends you should try at least once

2017 Wellness trends you should try at least once


2017 Wellness trends you should try at least once


Black Garlic
Garlic is renowned for its many medicinal properties, especially when eaten raw. Black garlic is also known as aged garlic. It still contains all the great properties, but is less pungent. Studies by Nutrition Research and Practice showed black garlic is hugely beneficial for reducing cholesterol and managing diabetes. Add it to cooking dishes as if you were using normal garlic.

It is not a new product, it’s just been renamed, repackaged and it’s coming back into fashion for 2017. You might know it as Nutritional Yeast. A staple of most vegan lifestyles due to being a good source of vitamin B, the nutty cheesy tasting yeast has been debuting on restaurant menus. Nooch is low fat and low in salt. It’s great on bread as a topping, can flavour popcorn and can be substituted for dishes where sprinkled cheese would be used.

Mushroom Elixir
A super immune booster, Reshi elixir naturally lowers your hormone and cortisol levels (the stress hormone). In addition it’s great for getting a great night’s sleep and is caffeine free, paleo-friendly, dairy and gluten free. It makes an excellent night cap and even though it sounds revolting, according to reviews it’s quite pleasant tasting, made even better with a teaspoon of honey and a dash of cinnamon.

Avo oil
If you’ve embraced the new trend of smashed avo on toast, you’re going to love avocado oil. Forget coconut oil, that’s so 2016. Pressed from the skin of the avocado, the oil has a mild buttery flavour and is supposed to be amazing for your skin, hair and cardiovascular health.

Sobriety movement
The booze culture is on its way out according to the New York Times. Being sober is now seen as a great way to get on the health and fitness bandwagon. No longer is sobriety seen as social suicide. The throngs embracing this trend get their highs from meditating, yoga and herbal tonics.

Ketogenic diet
Said to reverse type 2 diabetes and boost weight loss, the Ketogenic diet is very similar to other diets with limit carbs. The results of the Ketogenic are touted as being better due to protein consumption also being restricted. It’s believed to reduce insulin and the fat storing hormone.