Can you pass the fitness checklist for your age?

Can you pass the fitness checklist for your age?


Can you pass the fitness checklist for your age?


In your early 30s some mornings you wake up dreading how you’re going to feel by the time you reach 50? You go to bed feeling fine and wake up as stiff as a board. Perhaps you’re younger then 30 and can’t climb a flight of stairs without struggling for breath, let alone see or touch your toes.

Virgin Active in association with Tim Wright, the man behind Beyond Movement, have created a fitness checklist with simple exercise markers to indicate whether as fit and agile as you should be for your age group.

No matter what age category, the exercise indictors have been created as a guide to measure your fitness level. How do you fare?

Aged 20 years to 30 years
Complete 20 burpees
Run 5 kilometres in half an hour
Plank for 60 seconds

Aged 30 years to 40 years
Run 1.5 kilometres in under 9 minutes
Plank for 45 seconds
Weightlift half your bodyweight.

Aged 40 years to 50 years
Touch your toes without bending your knees
10 press-ups
Run at full speed for a minute without stopping

Aged 50 years to 60 years
Run for 60 seconds without stopping
Complete five continuous burpees
Put your hands behind your back and touch fingers

Aged 60 years to 70 years
Walk 1.5 kilometres in less than quarter of an hour
Ascend a flight of steps in less than 30 seconds
Get from a seated position to standing without levering yourself up with hands or arms and repeat.

If you’re surprised about how unfit and fail to meet the exercise markers for your age group, put your best foot forward and make a plan to shape up.

Start out with a simple routine – a walk around the block once a day, 10 minutes on a treadmill at morning and night, swimming or riding a bike. It doesn’t matter what you do each day, as long as you do something.

Treat yourself to some work out gear – a shopping spree to rebel for a pair of walking shoes and trendy active wear or swimmers will help motivate you to keep busy.

Track your results – record your daily exercises and food intake and after a few weeks take the fitness test again. You might be in your 60s, but have transformed your fitness level to that of a 30-year-old.